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Scented Geraniums of NE

your window to the scented geranium world (and other scented pleasures)

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Welcome to our site! 
Scented geraniums offer many varieties of scents you may never have found in a plant before. 
I have grown and shipped scented geraniums for over 17 years while working for Papa Genos Herb Farm
and for myself.
Scented geraniums take you beyond the flower, to the leaf itself for the aromas we all love to find in our 
garden. With over 100 varieties of scented geraniums I hope you can find what you most desire here.
When Sharon and Gene approached me to see if I wanted to take over these intriguing plants I jumped 
right on it. I will continue to provide the quality, selection and service they had for so many years.
Please enjoy browsing through the complete list of plants and gift items. Feel free to email with any 
questions or suggestions.
Scented geranium leaves available for cooking and drying. Email for quote.
Joanne's Spring Charm
Charmay Snowflurry
Sheila Taylor
Box 153
Hallam, NE 68368
 We NEVER give your email out to anyone. It is only used by Scented Geraniums of 
NE to send you news about us.
To be removed from the email list just send an email and put remove 
in the subject line. Thank you!

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